Sushi Bowls

With Karaage Cauliflower

Dairy Free | Gluten Free
If you love a good sushi bowl then you’ll love this version with crispy Karaage Cauliflower. Kara-age means to fry something without a batter, so it ends up being wonderfully light and crunchy. Our broth is used in the coating mixture which makes it extra delicious!


1/2 head of cauliflower cut into florets

1 tsp pepper

1 cup of sushi rice

sushi seasoning

1 cup of Tamari

1 thumb size piece of ginger, grated

1 sheet of nori cut into thin strips

Fresh accompaniments - we used:

1 avocado

1 cucumber

1/2 cup of edamame


1 cup Tapioca Flour

1 tsp Pink Himalayan crystal salt

34 fl oz Coconut Oil (for frying)

1 tbsp maple syrup


1 tbsp broth powder - Chicken Bone Broth Original or Vegetable Broth


1. Cook rice to packet instructions. Once cooked, stir through 1 tbsp of sushi seasoning.

2. In a bowl, combine tamari, ginger and maple syrup. Add in cauliflower florets and marinate for 5 minutes.

3. Heat the oil ready to fry.

4. Mix the tapioca flour, broth powder, salt and pepper together, lay out in a tray and lightly coat the cauliflower.

5. Dunk florets the into the oil, fry for 2 minutes, then remove from oil for 30 seconds, then add to oil again for another minute, or until golden brown. Layout onto some paper towel.

6. While the karaage cauliflower is cooking, place the marinade in a small saucepan, add 1 tbsp of sushi seasoning, and cook on high heat until the marinade begins to bubble. Pour out into a dish and use as a dipping sauce.

7. Serve karaage cauliflower and sticky rice in bowls with avocado, nori, cucumber and edamame. Garnish with 1/2 lime.

Serves 2


Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original

Chicken Bone Broth Homestyle Original


Vegetable Broth Garden Veggie

Vegetable Broth Garden Veggie