Santa Sunrise

Once Santa has finished the rounds and started his annual holiday in the southern hemisphere, this is the cocktail he'll be partaking in. Tropical coconut milk combined with our delicate velvet latte over ice makes for a refreshing drink to kick up your feet with.


1 shot (1.5 fl oz) vodka

8.4 fl oz coconut milk

1/2 cup water 

1/2 cup maple syrup


2 tsp velvet latte

1. To make your velvet syrup combine maple, velvet latte and water in a jug (this should make enough velvet syrup for about 4 Santa sunrise).

2. Combine coconut milk and vodka in cocktail shaker and shake it all about.

3. Fill your glasses with ice and pour a quarter of your velvet syrup into the bottom of your glass. 

4. Top with coconut milk and vodka mixture. 

Makes 1.



Velvet Latte

Velvet Latte

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