Jingle Juice

When you’ve got a house full of guests all wanting to engage in some Christmas tipple, a bowl of Jingle Juice is the way to please many at once. Throw it all together in a punch bowl with whatever fruit you have (we went with citrus fruits, cherries and strawberry) and get the party started!


1 bottle white wine

1 cup cointreau

42 fl oz bottle Cherry Plum Kombucha

2 grapefruits, sliced

4 lemons, sliced

4 oranges, sliced

4 limes, sliced

1.1 lbs frozen pitted cherries

1 punnet strawberries, halved




8 tbsp Collagen Beauty™ Waterberry 

  1. Make a Waterberry Collagen Beauty concentrate with the Waterberry Collagen Beauty and 1 ½ cups water
  2. Fill half a punch bowl with ice.
  3. Add in all fruit.
  4. Pour in white wine, cointreau, kombucha and Waterberry Collagen Beauty concentrate, and stir to combine.


Collagen Beauty Waterberry

Collagen Beauty Waterberry