Are your products vegan?

The majority of Nutra Organics products are classifiable as vegan however there are a few exceptions. Our Bone Broth range is made from organic chicken or grass fed bovine bone so therefore certainly isn’t vegan. Likewise with our Collagen Beauty, Collagen Beauty Bars, Collagen Body, Collagen Build and Natural Gelatin powder which contains bovine-derived Collagen. Our Mermaid and Golden Lattes contain Manuka Honey. However, we do make a conscious effort to utilise only organic and ethically produced animal products to ensure we are doing our bit for the environment, our animal friends and fellow humans. If you are after a bone broth alternative we do have three delightful kinds of Vegetable Broth which are vegan. We have also made sure that no vegan misses out on our Superfood lattes by creating our Velvet latte and Lunar Latte which contains no animal products.