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All of these plates make the perfect side dishes to bring along to your gathering. Using clean, nutritious ingredients, not only does each dish bring the flavour satisfaction, they all ensure you feel a little more nourished and a little less food-coma-ish.

Our favourite time of the year is back. We’ve been rocking around the Christmas treats, decking the table with food and jolly, and cooking up a festive storm to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

After a very normal and completely uneventful year (ahem), we feel the only appropriate way to say goodbye to 2020 is with delicious food and excellent cocktails to bring an unforgettable Christmas feast guaranteed to end the year with plenty of cheer.

Christmas table with pumpkin dip and candles

Enlisting the help of our darling Nutra mama Darlsy - the heart and soul of Nutra Organics and the master chef behind our ridiculously good recipes - we got to work in the kitchen to create a spread that ticks all of the important boxes for Christmas day and the silly season: wholesome, fun, festive, shareable, and unbelievably delicious.

Our unofficial theme for this year is ‘what to bring when you don’t know what to bring’. Plus our epic cocktails as usual, because we’re not about breaking our Christmas Cheers tradition.

All of these plates make the perfect side dishes to bring along to your gathering. Using clean, nutritious ingredients, not only does each dish bring the flavour satisfaction, they all ensure you feel a little more nourished and a little less food-coma-ish.

Likewise, the drinks are a healthier spin on some classics, and we’ve cocktail-afied some of our favourite desserts, because yum.

If there’s one thing we can guarantee: you will get that sentimental feeling, in a fun new wholesome way.



Gingerbread White Russian


When the sun has gone down (finally), and we’ve just finished enjoying our fifth (or sixth) meal of the day, there’s nothing like sitting back and enjoying a tipple brimming with classic Christmas spices. A warming syrup made using our Golden Latte plu additional nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger, brings major nostalgia vibes for Christmas passed. 

Hasselback Butternut Pumpkin

Hasselback Butternut Pumpkin with Miso Crumb & Lemon Broth Drizzle

Let us introduce you to the dish that’s about to make you the most popular person at any party. The most perfect side, soft and sweet butternut pumpkin is topped with spicy-umami miso crumb and zesty lemon broth drizzle to create a complex flavour sensation that’ll have people thinking you’ve been cooking up a storm for hours.


Whipped Espresso Mocha Martini

Whipped Espresso Mocha Martini

The lead up to Christmas day can be overwhelming, late night shopping picking out last minute presents, end of year break up parties, and setting up the Christmas tree. We’ve got just the thing for those feeling a bit sluggish on Christmas morning (or for those who love coffee). Indulgent Whipped Coffee perfectly compliments a chocolatey base (thanks to our Lover’s Latte). We’ve gone overboard with the Whipped topping, so if you’re not needing the major caffeine hit, use as much, or as little, as you like.

Frosty Pina Colada


Frosty Pina Colada

If past Christmas’ are anything to go by, we’re guaranteed to be sweating up a storm by about 7.30am Christmas morning, so we’ve developed the antidote. Icey, tropical tastiness in the form of a Frosty Pina Colada, guaranteed to cool you down and brighten an already fantastic day.

Roast Pumpkin Dip

Roast Pumpkin Dip

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a delicious dip to snack on between courses. This dip is a culmination of all of our favourite flavours, pumpkin, smoked paprika, nutritional savoury yeast flakes, and is the perfect dish to fuel your holiday snacking.

Merry Mimosa Sunrise Float

Merry Mimosa Sunrise Float

The only way to start your day this Christmas is with our Merry Mimosa Sunrise float. Banana and Raspberry nice cream topped with our Waterberry Collagen Beauty, tropical fruit juices and sparkling wine will have you feeling fun, fresh, and fabulous before the events of the day really kick off. If the little ones are wanting to join in on the fun feel free to leave out the sparkling wine and top with soda water instead.


Smokey Cashew Cheese Jalapeno Poppers
Simple doesn’t have to be boring, and these jalapeno poppers are testament to that. Stuffed with our go-to cashew cream cheese recipe, the spicy bites of yumminess are the perfect addition to any plate come Christmas day.

We hope you enjoy these recipes, we create them with love and generosity which flows through our company. Today our team were treated to special Christmas gifts from our incredibly generous founders Mark and Darlene Powell. Each ring is handcrafted by a wonderful local artisan business, from upcycled materials (including beautiful 100 year old cutlery). This is just a quick shout out to Mark and Darlsy, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of the incredible vision, we're so excited about what the future holds. 


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