Treats bring loved ones and strangers together around the dessert table, they build closer connections, and they create an atmosphere of vibrant joy. 

Sweet treats. They have an unstoppable way of bringing colour and child-like excitement into any room, brightening the eyes of all beholders, and curling lips into a cheeky grin in anticipation of the first glorious bite. Sweets bring instant, contagious joy to everyone, whether it’s a sneaky square of dark chocolate in the evening after a tiresome day, a decadent cake to celebrate with friends, or an indulgent favourite shared in romantic moments with your lover.

Treats bring loved ones and strangers together around the dessert table, they build closer connections, and they create an atmosphere of vibrant joy. They create excitement, complete celebrations, and can cheer up anyone on a rough day.

Although sweet treats have long been treasured and celebrated, they have more recently been shunned by many and associated with unhealthy labels. Desserts, treats and sweet meals are too often connected to feelings of guilt, and many people influenced by fad diets make every conscious effort to avoid anything with sugar, from junk food all the way to natural sugars found fruit and healthy sweeteners.

While we are all about balance, good nutrition and a wholesome lifestyle, we recognise and celebrate the value of sweet treats in life and the joy they bring, and believe treats should be embraced as a part of a healthy, varied diet.

We’ve created this recipe collection in mind for all the sweet tooths out there looking for healthier, more nourishing options, and for those who feel a bit shy or restrictive when it comes to indulging. Our recipes are completely clean and completely delicious, with only natural, nourishing, wholefood ingredients. We’ve converted old family favourites into wholesome creations that don’t compromise on taste, and have concocted entirely new sweet treats that are guaranteed to blow your mind and make your tastebuds party. All of our treats are free from refined sugar, refined flour, dairy, gluten, artificial colours, flavours & ingredients, and contain no added nasties whatsoever, only added nutrition. 

Our Treat Yo Self Recipe Collection is perfect for all skill levels, all diets, and all ages. So gather around the picnic rug with us, and treat yo self.


Triple Choc Ice Cream Brownie Sandwiches with Lunar Ripple

These are the most delicious, indulgent treats. You wouldn't know they are completely dairy, refined sugar and refined flour free! Our Thriving Protein Classic Cacao makes an amazing substitute for flour in chocolate recipes. 

Make them in advance and pop them back in the freezer or eat them as soon as you make them! 


Lunar Moon Mousse

If you're looking for the dreamiest dessert to indulge in, look no further than this Lunar Moon Mousse. Keto, vegan, sugar-free and downright delicious, this indulgent treat really ticks all the most important boxes. 


Rainbow Dream Cakes

Not just a feast for the eyes, these rainbow dream cakes are here to fill your day with colour and delight your taste buds. 


Velvet Swirl Banana Bread

This is the cheats ultimate gourmet treat! This recipe calls for bakery bought banana bread, there are some great healthy bakeries with refined sugar and flour free banana bread. So for the person that doesn't have a lot of time to bake, this is the perfect option for a healthy but decadent treat that comes together in minutes. Of course, if you have a fave banana bread recipe, make from scratch. 



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